Teens: Suburban Blues

February 20, 2007 0xanna

Suburban Blues was about the difference between teens growing up in the city and those that grew up in suburbs. It was quite interesting. Studies showed that the teenagers who grew up in the city did not have as much adjustment problems as those in the suburbs. Despite the physical and mental help, they are much more affected. Suburban high schoolers are depressed, smoke, drink, and use more hard drugs. They also have a lot of anxiety and depression. Studies believe that the reason why this is is pressure of achievement. Suburban parents are apparently more likely to pressure their kids into to doing things. This pressure causes this anxiety and the only way these teens find peace is through the dark road of drugs and abuse.

I for one was very surprised to learn this. I don’t know if I completely believe it, but I can see why it might be. I have always felt that the cities would be more corrupt than the suburbs. With all the crime there, it just made sense. For the main reason wh this happens is partly true, but in my opinion, I think they do things like that because of the shelter. Teens in the city have seen everything. I think teenagers in the suburbs are not exposed to enough and over sheltered. Teenagers are thrown into the world without any idea of how to live in it. I think that this is the core reason why anxiety corrupts them. If more exposure for the teens comes into the picture, than I truly believe that the city and suburbs will be more equal when it comes to adjustment problems.

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  • 1. hillbadill  |  February 20, 2007 at 5:53 pm

    I thought this was an interesting article. It struck me too that the teens in the suburbs were more into the drinking and doing drugs because I thought that teens living in the city would be more prone to do that because they have grown up in that. But I see your point how teens in the suburbs are sheltered and how they probably can only lean on drinking and smoking. good article.

  • 2. colepr  |  February 25, 2007 at 8:15 pm

    Very interesting article, i always thought that teens who lived in the cities were more likely to do those sort of things, but i guess not. Suburban homes are more sheltered and i can see that, but i don’t know if i totally believe this article, but otherwise great job!

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