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Movie Review: Catch and Release

I will try my very best to not ruin this movie.

I read this review about and I was very dissapointed. Chris Beaumont, a  movie critic wannabe sadly awarded this movie two stars. He started out by saying that the characters were “thin”. The characters did not work in the movie and did nothing for it. He thought the movie was too long. He also called it a bad soap opera. He didn’t like it at all and wished he hadn’t wasted his money.   

After reading this article I must say that I completely dissagree. I loved this movie. It’s beautiful story of a woman overcoming her fiancee’s death. As she copes, she soon learns more about who he really was and discovers secrets that she may have never found out. I think that a guy’s opinion really doesn’t work for this kind of movie. For the most part, it’s a chick flick. I must also say that I love Jennifer Garner, which made me like the movie even more. There were some things that I was a little “iffy” on. Some of the material was inappropriate. There may be better movies, but this one definitely deserved more than two stars. 

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Britney ‘attempted rehab suicide’

I found this article about Britney Spears. After shaving her head she went rehab and everything went fine at first. Evidence shows that either Britney Spears is looking for a new kind of attention or she is really losing her mind. She has written 666 in her room and shouting half naked around the room that she was the anti-christ. She has also been continuously begging Kevin for restoration. She wants him to come back saying that she wants to have another baby and restore their once happy family. She continued to show weird behavior. She was found trying to hang herself with her bedsheets, but was luckily stopped. Britney Spears has truly taken a turn for the worst.

I must say that I was very sad after reading this article. For a long as I can remember Britney Spears has always been around. She’s made herself an icon and her songs are unforgettable. She may taken some wrong turns growing up and many of her decisions were immoral. It’s sad that the media and paparazzi are finally taking a toll on her. I don’t really think she’s losing her mind. I think that she definitel needs help and the anctics that she has been currently pulling are just crys for help. I really do hope that she gets her life together for her and her children’s sakes. She may not be a great role model, but for some people she is and because of that, I hope that she finds her way back. 

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When Special Effects Become a Distraction

This was found amongst the users comments on the imdb (Earth’s Biggest Movie Database) website. Out of all the good reviews, I found one person who extremely disliked Pirates of the Caribbean 2, Dead Man’s Chest. The user, moly3158 was very firm about what she said. She talked about how the there were too many special effects which crowded the movie. She also talked about the plot twists and how they were useless and goofy. She also (assuming moly3158 is a girl) didn’t like the crazy anctics of the infamous Johnny Depp. She said it was all too much of an attempt for attention. The last thing she picked at was the grossness of the movie. She said it was far too much and uneccessary.

I don’t know about others, but I completely dissagree. I enjoyed this movie, in fact I own it. I thought the special affects were awesome and completely well done. I loved the Kraken. I also thought the goofiness of the move was very useful. It was perfect comic relief because some scenes were pretty scary. I am also a big Johnny Depp fan and I loved every one of his little gimmicks. I must admit though, some things were kind of gross, but it was nothinxg too sick. It was all very light and funny. Of course I have to admit that the first one was much better, but when it comes to sequals, what movie has ever beat out the first?

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Anna Nicole Smith laid to rest near son

Anna Nicole Smith was laid to rest Friday in the Bahamas. She may have been laid to rest, but her baggage still lives on. There is still the ligitation surrounding, a mult-million-dollar inheritance and the question of who would take care of her baby daughter Dannielynn.

The funeral was held at Lakeview Memorial Gardens. Hundreds of people gathered at the gate. Bahamian onlookers broke into hymn as they watched the funeral. Anna lay in a mahogany coffin wrapped in a studded pink blanket. Police were dressed in white with pith helmets. Under 100 people showed up of the 300 that were invited.
I think what happened to Anna Nicole Smith was so sad. She may not have been a very good role and the things she did were immoral, but she was not a bad person. She went through a lot growing and over came so much. She lost her son, but gained a daughter in the same day. It was such a tradgedy of what happened to her. She had a baby and she was so young. I hope the baby will find a good home and a kind family to raise her.

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