Movie Review: Catch and Release

March 12, 2007 0xanna

I will try my very best to not ruin this movie.

I read this review about and I was very dissapointed. Chris Beaumont, a  movie critic wannabe sadly awarded this movie two stars. He started out by saying that the characters were “thin”. The characters did not work in the movie and did nothing for it. He thought the movie was too long. He also called it a bad soap opera. He didn’t like it at all and wished he hadn’t wasted his money.   

After reading this article I must say that I completely dissagree. I loved this movie. It’s beautiful story of a woman overcoming her fiancee’s death. As she copes, she soon learns more about who he really was and discovers secrets that she may have never found out. I think that a guy’s opinion really doesn’t work for this kind of movie. For the most part, it’s a chick flick. I must also say that I love Jennifer Garner, which made me like the movie even more. There were some things that I was a little “iffy” on. Some of the material was inappropriate. There may be better movies, but this one definitely deserved more than two stars. 

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  • 1. caraeln  |  March 13, 2007 at 3:36 pm

    I have never seen this movie but I really want to! I probably want to becuase it’s a chick flick and I love those!

  • 2. colepr  |  March 14, 2007 at 3:23 pm

    I haven’t seen this movie yet, but i really want to. It looked good to me when it came out, so i’ll have to see it soon!

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