The “Me” Generation

I came upon this article as I was searching for opinionated articles. The words “Generation” and “Me” really stood out. The author of this article is Lara Crane who wrote this February first, 2007. Her article discusses the idea of what’s going to happen in the future with the new generation and what’s wrong with it?

First of all she wants to know what the world is teaching the next generation. She talks about her childhood and how on her 16th birthday she never recieved a car. She had to earn her car and work hard for it. She puts up a good argument. i must say that I completely agree. How is the next generation ever going to succeed when they don’t work hard for what they want? I love how she uses herself as an example of how things should be. She is completely right.

Her next point is the question, how did things get to be like this? She states the obvious idea that “things cost money” and “money does not grow on trees”. She says this because of her next point about brand names. She talks about how certain brands are so expensive and how back in her day, people would have never been able to afford things if they costed what they do now back then. I love how she uses the example of Nike shoes because that is a familiar subject to me and probably others as well. Her other example is clothes, but that was pretty obvious.

As I was reading this article, a show on Mtv popped into my head “My Super Sweet Sixteen”. It’s about these spoiled kids who have these huge parties for 6th birthday parties. Amazingly, later on in the article, Crane address that exact show. I loved this because I realized that the author and I had a lot in common.

I enjoyed reading this article. Crane backed up all her statements with great examples. Examples not only easy for people to understand, but for people to relate to, me especially.

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Peanut Butter Packs a Punch

Hold the jelly, Iv’e got great news. Peanut butter is not what we think it is!

Research has concluded that peanut butter is not only great tasting, but can control hunger too. Apparently peanut butter holds the rare factor satiety. This means that peanut butter actually makes us feel full and prevents over-eating. The article then gos on and talks about certain statistics of peanut butter. An example is that Americans spend over 800 million dollars a year on peanut butter. Other studies showed that people who ate peanut butter or just peanuts were shown to self-adjust their caloric intake. In doing this they also did not add on any extra calories. They were shown to be full for two full hours!

You are probably wondering why on earth I would choose this article. I was drawn to it because of my 8 year old little brother Daniel. You all probably know someone who’s a picky eater…well not like this. First I will tell you a little about him. When Daniel wakes up in the morning, he will either have a pop tart or some sugar cereal. Then for lunch he will have a peanut butter sandwich or a cream-cheese bagel. Whatever he does not have for lunch, he will have for dinner. Pizza is the only food he gets excited for and it MUST be cheese. All and all when it comes to eating for Daniel, that’s all folks!

Daniel has always been skinny so Ive always wondered “why isn’t he getting fat?” For the longest time I always thought that peanut butter was one of the most fattning foods. I loved finding out it wasn’t. There are so many things that people can do with peanut butter. There is the famous peanut butter sandwich, crackers, cookies. One of my very favorite and one that I think I’ll be eating a lot more often is peanut butter on celery. For those of you who have not tried it, I would highly recommend it, especially after reading this article.

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Lasting Change

I can definitely agree that setting a goal and not only that, but sticking with it, is sometimes really hard to do. The article presents the problem; people are afraid of failure. I find myself thinking about good new years resolutions to strive to complete. Most of the resolutions that cross my mind I dismiss right away because I feel that it’s not even worth it. I feel there is no point in trying when in the back of my mind I say “there’s no way I can do it.” I find myself even questioning the smallest and simplest things. I look at the positives and negatives, but mostly the negatives. An example is the idea of making my bed every morning. I know that I’ll just have to make it again. What’s the point?

The article discusses why people have such trouble setting goals. It gives out six steps in helping people reach their goal. The first is that people should imagine their future and what they want in life. The second is that people should get excited about their goals, but to be aware of the pros and cons and to write them down. Another is the idea that people should look past their fears and figure out why they are affecting these goals. The fourth step is for people to look in themselves and to truly accecpt themeselves for who they are. The fifth is to connect with those feelings from step four and the last is to take those feelings and look toward the future. They truly believe that by following those steps people can accomplish any one of their goals.

I thought that the article was very imformative. It made it sound a little easier than what it really is, but overall it was very interesting and I look forward to trying it out.

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A New Beginning

This is honestly my very first blog…here goes!

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